Return of the Trio


It’s hard to imagine it’s been five years since pianist Emily Grabinski, cellist Andris Koh, and I embarked on a journey together as the original piano trio for OPUS 216. From our first performance of Shostakovich in Mixon Hall, to appearances at The Bop Stop, casual jaunts at The Happy Dog, and on performance series in Marysville, OH and on behalf of Cleveland International Piano Competition, it’s been quite the ride!


Emily relocated to Michigan two years ago, but we’ve been diligent to continue planning performances in the midst of various other projects. Since then, Emily has enjoyed success both as an independent pianist and as part of Appian Duo, Andris got married last summer and had a rockstar year with the Cleveland Cello Quartet (and she’ll head to Columbus this fall for her MBA, in addition to continuing her career here as a cellist), and beyond my usual OPUS 216 projects, it seems like Classical Revolution Cleveland’s projects now grow by the day. Oh, yeah, and I’ve had two kids…

Mix all that together, and it takes more than a bit of orchestration and organization to get us all in the same place, and on the same page (musically, and literally)!

To that end, OPUS 216 is thrilled to offer a handful of public performances in July (in both duo and trio format), which will largely feature American, South American, and Spanish composers of the twentieth century. Come find us!

Public Performances for July, 2017

OPUS 216 Duo: July 13 | Normandy Manor | 2:30pm|Rocky River

OPUS 216 Duo: July 13 | American Greetings |5pm| Crocker Park

OPUS 216 Trio: July 18 | Happy Dog | 8pm | Cleveland

OPUS 216 Trio: July 20 | Beachwood CC | 6:30pm | Beachwood







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