OPUS 216 wraps up 2016…

Actually, not yet… We’ve still got a few of exciting events booked in the month of December (think holiday parties, intimate weddings, and fancy balls), but now seems about right to do a quick update!

Autumn brought lots of exciting opportunities for collaboration our way, from a repeat performance for a Marysville, OH chamber music society, to an all-pop gig at the Rock Hall for a smashing party for CWRU’s Law School Alumni!


14671117_1291500814227828_3195948670766721221_nOPUS 216 in Marysville, OH: featuring Andris Koh, cello; Ariel Clayton Karas, violin; and Natsumi Shibagaki, piano



OPUS 216’s all-pop gig at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, featuring Erica Snowden on cello and Julian Machala on viola, with Ariel Clayton Karas on violin! Such a fantastic event!!

In the realm of weddings, we had a blast doing everything from gorgeous rooftop nuptials, to a ceremony for a fellow musician, to an intimate, in-home wedding in Rocky River!


As 2016 winds down, we look forward to sharing a few more exciting details from the rest of December and the New Year holiday, and hopefully we’ll see you in 2017! 🙂





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