‘Art and Insight’ at the Museum of Art.

For the last 4 years, cellist Erica Snowden and I have collaborated with the education department at the Cleveland Museum of Art on creative programming linking art, music, collaboration, and team-building. We began four years ago with a brief, 15 minute session with a rotating group of medical residents – we drew parallels between abstract art, fugues by Bach, and ideas surrounding musical and professional collaboration.


If you can imagine, that was a TON of info to cram into a 15-minute session and, after 4 years of tweaking, we’ve arrived at a 50-60 minute session, reaching nearly 100 healthcare professionals each spring, and featuring music by Bartok, Gliere, improvisation, and all alongside the monumental, mid-century abstract work “Celebration,” by Lee Krasner.


Great art. Paired with great music. Presented in a cross-disciplinary context… Sometimes, I have to pinch myself. Immensely looking forward to another round…

#musicismedicine #lovewhatyoudo


^^^ This may have been our green room near the gallery. 😉


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