Powerpoint. Art. The Beatles. Bach.

That title can’t come close to summing up the fantastically diverse week of performance OPUS 216 and I have undertaken!

First wedding quartet performance of 2016. Third OPUS 216 appearance at Kent’s Beatlefest. Fourth year working with the Cleveland Museum of Art and their Art & Insight program. First all-Oberlin set at a Classical Rev show, and my first performance “talk” at a PechaKucha night … (Pecha wha???). Somewhere in there I had a lovely Valentine’s Day gig at a fancy pizza joint, too!

More to come on PechaKucha, but here are a few fun shots from all of the excitement so far! REALLY looking forward to tonight’s first Classical Revolution CLE house concert, too, but more to come on that one via the CRC blog! Music life in CLE is so. Stinking. Fun.


It was an all-opera wedding request list… oh, except for that one song by KISS. Lovely, snowy night for a glam wedding at the Kirkland Country Club, too!


For a fourth consecutive year, OPUS 216 has collaborated with the Cleveland Museum of Art’s education department to present performance lectures on all things art, music, collaboration, and mindfulness. It’s been a blast, and we’re looking forward to more sessions in March and April!

Also, this thing happened on Thursday with me, a powerpoint, and my violin. It’s called PechaKucha. I’ve decided to devote a future post to this extraordinary experience, but in the meantime, enjoy a few quick shots, courtesy of PechaKucha Night Cleveland!


photo courtesy of  Arleigh Savage


photo courtesy of PechaKucha Night Cleveland


photo courtesy of PechaKucha Night Cleveland

Oh, yeah, and last night we had our third consecutive appearance at Kent’s amazing Beatlefest event! Imagine super fans and cover bands descending on the college town for a night of great tributes… nestled somewhere in all of that, a violin and a string bass do an eclectic mix of unique covers in Tree City Coffee. Very, very fun, indeed!



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