2015 Performance Highlights!

Yes, it is now Two Thousand and Sixteen. Yes, I haven’t updated the blog since the middle of Two Thousand and Fifteen. No, I’m not apologizing…

Why? I just went through my day planner (I still go old school with schedule-keeping) and counted over 140 bookings in 2015. That included OPUS 216 events, recitals, solo gigs, the list goes on… Needless to say, I’m not always great at staying current online when I feel my professional pace moving at warp speed!

To that end, if I can publicly declare any (realistic) New Year’s Resolution, it simply is to keep my blogs current. In wrapping up what’s already long past, I’ll list pics and clips of some of my favorite solo and OPUS 216 gigs. Cleveland continues to be a city of deep cultural appreciation, adventurous ears, and fantastic clients and collaborators… all of whom make life as an independent artist not only possible, but thrivable!

Cheers, to a new year! Oh, and don’t forget to check our our other project, Classical Revolution Cleveland! We’re on Facebook, and at classicalrevolutioncleveland.wordpress.com

(below): OPUS 216 members Ariel Clayton Karas with regular OPUS 216 collaborator Tara Hanish, recording tracks for local artist, Brent Kirby!



(above): A summer full of piano trio repertoire with Emily Grabinski and Andris Koh! New performances and repertoire coming in June, 2016!

(below): Kent’s Annual Beatlesfest mash-up with bassist Joel Negus! We’ll be back next month at Tree City Coffee! More info to come soon!


(below): We were fortunate enough to perform for a myriad of events at the Cleveland Museum of Art, surrounding their blockbuster Monet to Matisse exhibit! Here, we take the stage for the enormous MIX event, as well as offer eclectic non-classical covers for various private events.



(below): Weddings always take the cake (no pun intended) for the greatest number of booking requests we receive each year. Check out this pic from a beautiful ceremony at the Arcade back in October!


(below): OPUS 216 members rocked a week of great music with Classical Revolution Cleveland back in June, including a night of inventive programming at Survival Kit Gallery at 78th Street Studios!


…And a few final pics to round out the year (below):

Our final wedding performance, at the Ariel International Center (no relation, I swear!), and a solo appearance at the annual, black-tie Assembly Ball at the Union Club downtown.



…This really doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. If you know us, you know that. Look forward to an avid promise of more updates, pics, and links and the coming year! Cheers!!


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