Playing Catch Up on the Blog, in Time for the Full Swing of Summer!

Spring was a total blur for more than a few reasons…

OPUS 216 gave a full length recital at The BOP STOP in April and we rounded out a third year working with the education division at the Cleveland Museum of Art on a series of performance/lectures…



Private events picked up, and there were gowns to be worn and Mozart to be played at museums and public auditoriums galore…



Wedding season officially began, which means we’re all over northeast Ohio on any given weekend, making the happily betrothed even happier with everything from Handel and Beethoven to U2 and Guns ‘N Roses…

And, on a recent trip to NYC, I even found an hour or two to busk in Central Park… that’s a musician’s rite of passage, don’t you agree??


Remember: OPUS 216 is available for everything from full-length, formal recitals, to weddings, parties, private events, educational initiatives, and collaborations in healthcare environments… Email for info on pricing, ensemble options, and bookings!


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